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About Pulver HWC

As a collective, Pulver How We Communicate "HWC" will take society’s pulse by looking at the full spectrum of the communication revolution from where AT&T was in the 60’s to Facebook in 2016, to gauge where technology has taken us and craft a charter for where we’re going.


We will be discussing where we are now, 20 years into the Internet revolution, in the age of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things. Looking at how wearables measuring health affect the way we interact with our bodies. Asking why it seems that the more digital we become the more intimacy we crave. Analysing if it’s possible to quiet our minds while staying connected.


We are at a unique place in human history, we are more connected, giving every voice power. HWC is uniting these voices and creating an open dialogue, allowing our community to bring soul, intimacy and understanding into our lives by applying what we’ve learned, where we are and where we are headed in the new digital age.