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About Jeff Pulver

I curate and host impactful technology audiences.

I started the VON conference back in 1997 and have been involved in the IP Communications Industry since 1995. I have started companies and invested in companies that created the Voice on the Net revolution. I have also done work in Public Policy which lead to the passing of the “Pulver Order” in 2004. I’m always talking to the people who take the bleeding edge into mass markets.

In 2016 I am focusing in on what I call: HWC – or How We Communicate – the tools, apps, platforms, services, infrastructure and visions that are changing the way human beings interact. I’m in the process of curating a fascinating conference that will help deal flow and I know technologies will emerge that will again change the world. I hope you decide to join one or more of these events and let’s disrupt the future together!