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Roey Tzezana
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Futurist in Tel Aviv University, and chief scientist of TelaLabs - communal labs for innovators

- Futures studies researcher at Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology & Security ,Chief Scientist, Tel Aviv University


Dr. Roey Tzezana is a researcher in Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology & Security, and lectures in the Technion. He holds a BSc in Biology, and an MSc and PhD in Nano-technology at the Technion. He is a graduate of the Singularity University Executives' Course, as well as the Tikvah Program in the IDC. His current research is focused on identifying and analyzing emerging and disruptive technologies and their impact on society, and are held in collaboration with the EU, branches of the Israeli government (particularly the Israeli police and the Ministry of Defense) and private companies.
Dr. Tzezana is a highly popular lecturer on future and technology, and is the academic manager of the course "Breakthrough Technologies" at the Hebrew University, and lecturer at the Technion. Dr. Tzezana is constantly advancing awareness to science and technology with his columns in popular and scientific magazines, and in his blog מדע אחר and Facebook pages. His first book - המדריך לעתיד - has been released towards the end of 2013, and has garnered widespread discourse and attention.
Business Sector: Technology , Information Technology and Services
Looking For: Business Partners, Career Opportunities, Employees to Recruit, Entries to New Markets, Investors, Professional Services
An interview in Israeli media about my last book
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A lecture about the internet of things
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A robotic lecture!
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The future of brain-crime: how hackers can go into our brains.(19-10)
Thu. May 19th 2016
12:00PM - 12:15PM
Main Hall
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